Thursday, August 12, 2010

You go right; I go left

You go right; I go left.
You bet your life; i pay the debt.
You hold me up; i hold you down.
You sing and shout; i hear no sound.
You breathe the ash; i eat the dust.
You ask for love; i give my lust.
You touch my hair; i bite your tongue.
You arch your back; i smile with sham
You grope my thigh; i bruise your jaw.
You scar my eyes; i taste you raw.
You wear my skin; i warm you wet.
You devour my dream; I drink your sweat.
You throw your head; I grip you hard.
You break the thread; I lose my card.
You push your throne; I hum a whine.
You pound my bone; I meet divine.
You scream your bliss; I catch my breath.
You tame the beast; I clutch my breast.
You clasp the sheets; I claw my  legs.
You drift to dream; I count my dregs.
You have your fill; I have my prey.
You slumber still; I watch you lay.
You lock your eyes; I leave the bed.
You go right; I go left.

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