Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ballad Of Odd Lovers

Take my pleading hand and bruise me.
          Paint purple crocuses on your body.
Dig your nails deep in my limpid skin.
          The surging pain will throw you in.
Consume my every breath and choke me.
          Hold you so tight you can no longer breathe.
Tear all my fragile limbs if you must.
          Crack your bones and grind them to dust.
Let your crimson eyes pierce through me.
          Drain your blood and fracture your heart cruelly.
Rupture me down to my smallest piece.
          I would do it all over again and never cease.
With your cold lips, take away my sanity.
          Scream louder, scream at me!
Your vindictive love is my guilty ecstasy.
          You're so beautiful when you're torn; it kills me.
You're killing me. It's killing me.

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