Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20th of December, 2011

9:01 The white dashed lines on the road keep on charging towards me and my hands are cold. The windows are fogging up and it's raining. Last time I checked, it will rain tonight. Well the weather forecasters got it right.

9:12 I'm hungry. I haven't eaten anything since I woke up this afternoon. And I am entertaining myself. This trip will be a long one and I'm not sleepy yet.

9:32 My knees are tired. There is not enough room for my legs to rest. I better take a walk when we get to the first stop.

9:48 Air's Playground Love is playing. A certain sadness fills me every time I hear it. The kind of sadness that makes you feel heavy, makes every corner of your body heavy, and you have no other choice but to heave a heavy sigh because you can do nothing about it.

9:59 We took a left away from the highway and stopped by a wide unlit lot. I can't see anything aside from the time displayed in the digital clock by the dashboard. It says 10:03. mine says 10:01 now. I wonder what yours says. And I shall not think about it nor think about you.

10:05 We're back in the road now. I can't feel my hands. Stay out of my head.

11:11 I have been trying to sleep but I couldn't. My feet are really cold. I badly want to smoke.

11:39 There's a heavy traffic ahead. Why are things too slow or too fast when you need them to be fast or slow. Things end before you notice it. Well things start before you notice it too. Everything's a big prank. And now that I think about it, I am missing you even though you're with me. Now tell me who else feels that way. But enough of this. Enough of you. There's a heavy traffic ahead.

11:58 You and I are born to die.

12:14 My dad called. 

12:53 have been staring on the road and I'm not moving an inch. It's like I'm too absorbed inside myself or absorbed somewhere else too far from here. Somewhere even I can't go to. I can't even remember the things that went through my head.

1:22 I want the bus to keep on going. I never wanted it to stop. I never wanted the road to be over. I wanted to be away from everything, from them all. But they keep on creeping inside my head and I can smell them in my skin, in my hair. No matter how I struggle, they just won't let me go. Maybe I don't want to let go too.

1:50 I am waiting patiently for an accident to happen.

2:14 I don't want to do this anymore.

5:13 The sun is rising. It hurts to look at it. I am disappointed.

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