Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Multiple Catgasms

I've been looking at cat photos for hours now. And grinning. And sighing. And going insane I don't know how to contain my amusement/obsession/mixed feelings I get by just looking at them.

And I swear I need to stop. For now. For today. But I can't.

Why I like cats: They're stubborn. They're arrogant. They're selfish. They manipulate you. They don't need you. They're high maintenance. They're lazy. They don't care. They're better than people. And when they come to like you, they can be the sweetest creatures ever. Oh sweet Jesus the cat cuddles.

 One cat.



Two cats.

Pussy galore.

I wish my attitude towards cats is the same as my attitude towards people. But it's quite the opposite. Fuck it. I'm a cat too.


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