Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunny (2008)

Sunny is a Korean film about a woman who joined a band in order to find his husband who is fighting in the Vietnam War. 

So, this is not really a love story but a love story of sorts. Watched this yesterday. It's funny because the day before, I was thinking how musicians lived during the World War II. And when I couldn't fall asleep, flipped through some Asian TV channels, saw this. Spent almost two hours watching a movie I couldn't understand. But still it's good. And I looked for it when I woke up earlier, watched it again (with subtitles of course), captured stills, which is tiring.

How I wish I could blog about every film I've been watching and compile stills. But I watch a lot of movies in a day. That's too much work.

Anyway the soundtrack is really good too. The song she sang in the helicopter is still stuck in my mind.

Sunny (님은 먼곳에, Nimeun meongose,  My Love is Faraway): 
Directed by Lee Jun-ik.
Written by: Choi Seok-hwan
Starring: Soo Ae, Jeong Jin-yeong
Music by: Lee Byung-hoon, Bang Joon-seok

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