Saturday, July 7, 2012

On a rainy Friday, books, and the boy in fairy tales.

The weather was mad yesterday. Raining all of a sudden. Just when I was walking to meet the boy in fairy tales. But it was fine. I didn't wear my boots for nothing. (And it was just three hundred bucks from ukay! Fits me perfectly.

It's a stressful week for both of us. But it's the coffee/tea conversations that makes me feel at ease. As if we've known each other for a long time now. I remember when we were fooling his apprentice that we were long time friends. And she totally believed us.The similarities are really scary though. 

He said we're like each other's shadows while we were walking around the mall to find a car charger. Because of the fact that we don't fit in, but we fit with each other perfectly. (Just like my boots and my feet.) There's this force that makes us cohesive. Like we are one person. And we've been talking about that quite a lot and how it's so unreal because he's like a male version of me, and I, a female version of him. It's amazing, but scary. (Said scary twice now.)

And we can't decide if we're scared or happy of what's going on between us. As long as we feel comfortable and there's not a need to cling or be demanding of everything. And it's really funny how we both have the habit of suddenly disappearing. God, this is so complicated. But it's not tiring and it's not stressful and it's light. And I study a lot now. I don't know why. Haha. And it's good.

He reads. One of the reasons why I like him. (He was reading Van Gogh's letters and I was studying for my Oral histology exam when we met over coffee.) Book stores are one of the places where I go alone. For me, it's a private affair. But we went together and I never felt uncomfortable. It was one of my best book store visits. 

We both so love Johnny Cash. And it was just for niinety, hard bound. The Man In Black. (That's why he's always in black.) I want to put my head on it already but I need to finish reading Jim, which he lent me. (My study playlist right now is actually various The Doors Albums.) I just have my exams so I try not to open it. It's such a distraction.

I also found The Mercury Visions Of Louis Dagguerre. I like Louis Daguerre and the word daguerrotype that's why I bought it. I wanted to buy Birth of Venus too. I was looking for it for a long time now but it's 115 bucks and I said I wont buy anything if it's above a hundred and he was trying to stop me from hoarding too much books. And he has the book so I'll just borrow it. Though I wan to have one for my own.

I wish to read everything soon. For now I'll go back to studying. I have exams on Monday and Tuesday. And I don't want to fail it. Good vibes for me.

Here's my favourite good vibes The Doors song for you.

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