Monday, July 23, 2012

The weather is fucked up man. Well in a good way. I did nothing all day but cuddle alone in bed and look forward to the next time I'd see you and our silhouette reflected on glass doors, illuminated by the yellow light of the lamp posts, flickering to the beat of car beeps and engines screaming down the road. 

Friday. It was good. And even though we were at our worst, walking the streets, we never let go of each other's hands, we never fought, that was good. Those brownies are creepers. But sitting with you in the tattoo shop sofa with our arms interlocked and sitting together in the car as we stare at the sidewalk, that was good. Slow exchange of words and uncontrolled laughter and Elvis dancing all by himself, that was good. We were good, aren't we? 

On the other hand, It sucks to have to do nothing. Sometimes, no, many times I wished I haven't finished all the requirements that I need to submit this coming Tuesday. But I was already done with everything last Thursday, so I must be contented right? Whatever. 

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