Sunday, September 2, 2012

And my list of birthday wishes goes on.

C'mon, number one: purple hair, number two: new chucks, number three: a vintage typewriter. I need a motivation to write everyday and I need something to save me from the misery of having to do not what you want but what you are expected to (it's not fun, not fun, not fucking fun). Oh good heavens. I just want to hear the clacking of keys, my fingers all dirtied from fixing the stuck ribbon, erasing mistakes with x's, and a tangible product of a not so great mind. Why not a simple typewriter, a new one? Because I like old things. So it has to be something that have withstood time. May I have a fairy godmother please. Please. Pretty please.

Remington Rem Blick (Type Wheel), 1928

Hammond Multiplex, 1914
typwriter images from here.

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