Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes, I forget.

Chosen entries in my notebook from when you were new. And the feeling I get in my chest as I re-read them is quite refreshing as they remind me of you and the littlest things that I am infatuated with.

You have the power to destroy, to tear down walls and split me in half
With your thoughts and your ideals and your mere touch.
And I know this because I have the same power to break things
And I have allowed myself to be selectively permeable of you,
So that you won't have to use your powers anymore
And I wont use mine too,
Because powers can go out of hand
And we might annihilate each other when we collide,
But it's in the collision that we create things
Because we need to pay for the destruction we bring.


I'd like to keep your arm in a jar and hide it under my bed.
Slender bones, shy veins.
I know I can't keep you
But at least I'll always have a part of you with me.


You said we're like each other's shadows,
But it saddens me because
Shadows cannot hold hands and we're lost in dreams.
We drown in a vomit of hallucinations
From the smell of old book pages.
Someday you'll resurface and the sun will set.
    (And I'll be left to sink deeper,
    And deeper,
    And deeper.)
And I'm used to it, I'm used to it.
And I despise it.
    (I shouldn't have been too stubborn
    When I was taught how to


I can't help but picture your face, like demolition
As I memorize your ruins with my half-closed eyes
And I swear as I see you focus and drift away
I would feel a hot current swallow my cheeks
And my knees will melt like wax and get so weak
And I swear in between the warmth of the inhales and the exhales
Our skulls were alkaline and our spines electric

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