Saturday, October 27, 2012

We have our own reasons why.

Last night, we went to an art exhibit by a William Kent or Kent Williams, I'm really not sure. It's is given that we went there to see his paintings, we were invited and shit, but technically we went out because we never really go out and we need some social skills, which in the end, we never really had because we're so bad at it.

You put seven artists together (yes, I count myself as an artist too), two are overworked, three have locked themselves in their studio for a long time, one has just finished a thesis and one is always confused of what to do about life, in a social situation where people are well dressed and conversing and impressing each other, you get beer/vodka/wine/whisky leeches, and chips leeches too, there around a table awkwardly having conversations with each other and planning on ruining the night for the other people and take pleasure from it.

It was really not our type of place, a fancy gallery in a fancy hotel with fancy people (yes, not our type, but we'll come back because J will have his exhibit there this December). But we loved the fancy alcohol, and it's free, so we went to a friend's newly opened bar and of course drinks are free again but it was better drinking and practicing our "social skills" while there in the sidewalks with not so fancy people. But in the end, it's just us, really, antisocials finding comfort in fellow antisocials. And so the night was good.

I'm telling this unimportant story because I want to remember it.


  1. how is it possible that your blog hasn't got a million followers yet? brilliant stuff.

  2. thank you so much! it's great to hear that my scribblings and doodles are any good to someone. I know those moments when you're so full of everything that you feel entirely empty, it's horrible, I guess you just need to try and cross the border back to the old ways again, or something...
    anyway, I really fell for your blog because you seem to have interests and passions similar to mine, and you have a very touching way of coming to the point of things, like in this post. an unimportant story, you said, but astonishingly real. as are your pictures. well I stop waffling at this point, I'm looking forward to new posts.