Friday, November 9, 2012

Restless as the weather

  • I'm not sure how many miles I have walked my legs were dead. I tried to treat myself for a good cheesecake, but turns out I was so tired I couldn't eat and I was so tired I couldn't read decently. But I managed to run through a couple of pages.
  • My mum called me. I told her I wanted to get another tattoo and she never really directly stated her objection, which means I could get a new one, I think. 
  • And my non-blood brother came and turned out, he was mimicking me, wearing (almost) the same outfit and shit. Why am I writing in bullet points?



  1. the pictures are great especially the second one :3 where's your tattoo and what is it?

    1. Oh hi. Thanks! I have siamese twin birds on my left scapula ( ) and a symbol (I don't have a photo of these, sadly) each on either side of my ribcage.

    2. the birds are beautiful and so special, i've never seen a motif like that before!