Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sitting On A Bird's Back

Paintings and sculptures by Renato Barja Jr.

I failed to come to the opening of Jojo's exhibit. But some random day when I was out reading in a coffee shop at Rockwell, I decided to go for a walk around the city until my feet give up on me and the  two o'clock heat exhaust my body. I found myself in a corner sidewalk near Manila Peninsula. P and I would have gone together some other day, but I couldn't help myself and visited anyway. I was the only one in the gallery. It's one of the best feelings you can get, such wonderful art only for yourself.  

My personal favorite aside from the Puppylation is the Crazy Lady Outside a Local Drugstore in a Deadtown. (Of course, there's a cat by her feet and she's mad. I always have a soft spot for cats and mad women.)

His exhibit is on until the twenty third of this month at Blanc Gallery, Manila Peninsula.

1. Crazy Lady Outside a Local Drugstore in a Deadtown
2. Basilio the Businessman
3. The Landlord
4. Sylvia La Torre, Beautician for the Corpse
5. Ed the Tombstone Painter
6. Promodizer
7. Father of Today
8. Nene the Caretaker
9. Puppylation
10. Jojo, All Is Well and Puppylation

P.S. Original photos are from the gallery. I'll post the photos I took soon when my film is all used up.

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