Monday, March 25, 2013

We don't need to be friends

Today I feel like India Stoker. Except I am my own India Stoker. (India Stoker doesn't wear short skirts.) I have an extreme obsession with her  at the moment, like she's my new Sylvia Plath. But of course, no one can replace Sylvia in my heart. (Plus P told me she reminds him of me. And god I love Mia Wasikowska.) Anyway, it annoys me that the movie is still hard to find. I badly want to make film stills.

Today I am wearing my mother's blouse, except I do not have my father's belt and it's so sad. My wayfarers are from P. The vintage brooch, I borrowed from my oldest aunt. The dark russet cardigan (which is sadly not shown) was my grandmother's. I thrifted my chartreuse green skirt for twenty five and my black faux suede shoes for a hundred and fifty. It's been a while since I wore shoes that are quite girly. Can you tell that I'm as expensive as your fancy coffee?


P.S. For better reference, a dollar is equal to forty, a pound is equal to sixty two, and a euro is equal to fifty three in our currency. My country is third world but I am not.

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  1. whenever i see a post of yours on my dash i immediately have to smile and click on it firstly
    you and you're writings are so special and lovely <3