Sunday, May 26, 2013

Notes from my way back home

  • I hate heavy luggage when travelling but just my epoxy for sculpting weighs three kilograms already. Plus the tools. Plus the laptop. Plus everything. I didn't know exactly how heavy all of it was but it crushed my backbone. And the rain poured just when I was about to leave.
  • Hey Jude started to play when I got in the cab. The view outside is blurred by raindrops trying to cling to the window but constantly failing. The cab driver and I have the same jacket.
  • The guy beside me in the bus gave me a gum. His arm is misshapen from a fracture scar. I'm sure it's a fracture scar. And from a relocation of bones. This I'm not that certain.
  • Waiting for a ride home, a man kept on bothering me with questions like who's daughter am I and where am I headed to.
  • I didn't tell my mom I was going home. It was five thirty in the morning and I kept on yelling by the gate. Doorbells, we don't have them. Nobody came out of the door and I have been outside for a while. I climbed up the gate. Turned out, everyone was sound asleep.

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