Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Epilogue for the Mayflower

Before the June storms drown the daisies and the petunias, before I miss out on my made up world. Fun time's over, they said.

I made this mix before June started but I'm listening to it again. I need to feel better. And it has been already a month since everything started to dull and I'm still in mourning for the departed wonderful summer. But I'll try to make the days better. I'm good when I'm lonesome. I write a lot. So it's not really a bad bad thing. I have a new notebook too. And I'm making a new sculpture. Oh the things you'd do just to fill the void.

Track list:

1. Becomes The Color - Emily Wells▲
2. Le Temps de L'amour - Francoise Hardy▲
3. Gasoline - Alpine
4. I'll Kill Her - Soko▲
5. Shock To Your System - Tegan And Sara
6. Meet The Frownies - Twin Sister
7. Lovesong - The Brunettes
8. Railway - Boy
9. Sunday Girl - Bee eyes
10. Shove it - Santigold
11. Until We Bleed - Lykke Li
12. Sweet Child O Mine - Taken By Trees
13. Paper Planes - MIA
14. Unique Tree - The Narcoleptic Dancers
15. Wicked Games - Couer De Pirate▲
16. This World - Selah Sue
17. Pumped up Kicks - Owl Eyes
18. I Heard You Say - Vivian Girls
19. Keep You - Wild Belle▲

* This was supposed to be a 20 track mix but you know the thing about 8tracks, songs become missing and I can't remember what that song is. Oh well. Anway, triangled tracks are my personal favorites.

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  1. Beautiful playlist, Santigold is the best! xx