Friday, September 20, 2013

This is just a rant about this dinner conversation I had. I really want to get out of here. I mean, these people are family and they're important to me, but they are caustic and they just drag me and get me down. Plus the place I live in is not conducive for anything productive. I really need to move out and live alone. That would be a very very big burden thrown. Besides, I'm gonna be a year older again soon. I'm not a little girl anymore. I wasn't a little girl anymore for a long time now. (What's wrong with you people?)

Aunt: I met my ex co-teacher today. F was accepted in a job. She asks about you And says hello. -- F is a girl from high school. She's a bitch with a mouth I just wanna sew shut.
Me. We're not friends.
A: You were classmates. She went to our house so many times before.
M: She needed to, we have these group projects and all. She's not my friend.
A: But you were fine way back and she says that -
M: We're not friends. And this is where you need to stop talking about her because I'm not interested. We're not friends.
A: I guess. You're different. She's responsible and you're irresponsible.
M: I don't badmouth people. I don't gossip about them. I don't pretend I'm somebody's friend. I have utter respect to people's own businesses and I don't put my nose in just for the fun of it. And I'm sensible and intelligent and you don't know me I have a dreams and I'm working for it and you don't have to know that because let's face it, you won't change your opinion of me. And that's okay. I've long accepted that, By the way you're right, we're far too different. -- Well I wish I said that, but I just walked away. Gold star for my patience, really.

End rant.