Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blonde as Blonde

When Brittany can explain how I really feel better than I would myself:

Brittany: Daria I've got to talk to you.
Daria: About...
B: Tommy Sherman!
D: Maybe you should talk to Kevin.
B: I can't talk to Kevin! Tommy Sherman was a jerk!
D: You know, no one else seems to realize...
B: Oh! I can't believe I said that! I called a dead guy a jerk!
D: So you are upset about what happened?
B: That's just it. I feel terrible. Why did that jerk make me hate him. Now he's dead and I feel bad but I don't feel that bad so I feel terrible! It really makes you think. I mean, you're used to being all gloomy and depressed and thinking about bad stuff...
D: Why does everyone keep saying that?
B: So I thought that maybe you can give me some tips.
D: Well, I guess what I'd say Brittany is that here's this guy who really wasn't very nice. And you didn't like him at all. You're sorry that he died.
B: I am!
D: But you don't think you're sorry enough. And you're worried that you're not as nice a person as you thought.
B: Yeah! It's like I feel bad but I think I should feel worse and not feeling worse makes me feel bad all over again.
D: The truth is Brittany, is that you are nice, or you wouldn't be feeling bad at all right now.
B: So, you're saying that feeling bad about not feeling worse is good.
D: Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.
B: Thanks Daria!

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