Saturday, October 10, 2015

Five Things

1. I thought it was Wednesday today. It's Saturday.
2. I had a dream of me, saving all these sand colored animals, a puppy, a turkey almost as big as I am, a little turtle, and an old woman, from being stuffed at a taxidermy museum, and all these animals, including the old woman, have followed me and were all so clingy after I saved them. It was so bad like a three month old semi relationship with my junkie first boyfriend.
3. I miss my black hair, but I still have tubs of dye, and being the thrift that I am, I'm gonna use them all down to the very last pigment.
4. I had my hard drive fixed, and came all these photos I haven't seen for ages.
5. I told myself I must keep mermaids on wheelchairs loved and cared for.