Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am a believer of memory.

I know that I wasn't born out of love, nor out of lust; I was born out of the memory of these feelings. I was born out of a recollection of a past that was supposed to be forgotten.

I believe in the existence of emotions; I also believe in their cessation. I believe that the memory of having these emotions is what gives them their seemingly unending existence.

I believe that love is felt by remembering the memory of what love feels like. Loathing, from the memory of what made you feel such.

I believe that memory shared is a vessel of emotions shared, emotions understood, misunderstood, reciprocated.

I believe that there is no present. Everything is a memory of a past - always a split-second future turning into a split-second past. There is no present.

I believe that forgetting is not eradication of memory, but denial of it, with intention or without. It is latency; it is hibernation; it is panels of fogged glass that would inevitably shatter with periodic bombardment of rocks.

I am a believer of memory. I am also a believer of freedom from it. Because memory is as beautiful as it is ugly.


  1. still reading all your texts, even the old ones, and i'm more than happy to be able to!

    1. thanks,love. been visiting yours too habitually.