Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have beaten these lead eyelids,
Conquered fiction,
Denied comfort.

Stupid girl.
You are skin and bones.
Your lungs rot of chemical ash

That stinks of temporary calmness –
False Eden,
You run around smiling.

What is it that you await?
The orchestra to play
Violins with broken strings?

Foul smell nursed
In the pits between your fingers,
Your whole hand bears the poison.

Your breath, your lips:

White that clouds your vision.
False entertainment.
Humdrum diversion.

Are you satisfied?
Kept your lines memorized.
No dead would fill your urn.

The nonexistent beating inside,
Can you hear?
The deaf liar said he could.

You are bones.
Shameful. Pretentious.
The demons won't accept you.

You have no place
Between the seraphs.
You have no place.

Maggots would choose the rat over you.
What disappointment!
Your taste is disgusting.

Deceitful, selfish breasts
Claiming air that was never yours.
You thief! You ingrate!

You are ashes.
You corrode the soil,
The sand.

The wind doesn't want you.
Your grains are plague
Disguised as mercy.

They threw you away.
Whore houses.

Your smile is acid.
You burn. You lure
Predators to eat you.

The beasts wouldn't
Threatened. Uninterested.
Not worthy of death.

You don't deserve to live either.
You are nothing.

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