Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Am Lethal

My words are cancerous –
They fool, they take over,
Toppling the balance
Of your judgment

O lover. The moment
You took me in, you made
A pact to share
My sin, sin, sin.

And it is not fair
To give the head
Of a marlin to her daughter
And the body to her twin.

(What a cruel mother!
Stretch marks.
Cellulites on her thighs;
She's no longer thin.)

Thin is the line
That we are strangling.
Is this right?
(What is right?)

I am yours
But my mind is mine.
You can rip my heart and use it,
But this mind

I'll keep.
It is sick
From countless stings of bees
And bites of spiders.

My mind is a disease.
Don't take it, it takes over
Toppling the balance
Of your judgment

O lover. You shouldn't
Have held my hand
In your chest
For these hands can't feel,

Nerve endings dead
From the burns I had
When I shook Satan's hand
And bathed

In hell's fire and feasted
With insects floating
On my soup
And rat tails on my wine.

I've tasted wrath's divine
And it seeped in
Through my skin.
(It has become one with me.)

This anger, this rage,
The sleeping desire to murder
Please stay away,
I might awake.

Lock me in a chamber
Deprive me of air
But spare me your love.

My body is deceiving.
Don't take it, it takes over.
Toppling the balance
Of your judgment

O lover. Throw me away
It's too late.
I might cling to you

(Like the male angler fish
Clings to the female)
But I won't decay;
I might decay you.

I don't want to,
So rip these breasts
That swell
And echo

My heartbeat
That trembles.
Blood circulating.
Heat on my cheeks,

But I don't blush.
This face of apathy
Is nothing
But pale skin.

I am not beautiful,
Why embrace me?
I was flesh for the worms
Glued together

By selfishness
And cowardice,
Immersed in poison
Designed to live alone.

I am lethal.
Don't take me, I might take over,
Toppling the balance
of your judgment

O lover. My limbs
Are blades
That cut through
Your face.

It's not my desire
To wound you.
Control, control.
That I don't have.

Love, love
I can't withstand
The influence,
The desire of the flesh.

I want you
For myself,
But I bring demise.
Think thoroughly and decide.

By the time you marry
Your mouth to mine
In pleasure and sourness,
We'll be bound to die.

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