Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's 2:14. Still too far from the middle but already drifting away to daydreams.

Still a lot of pages to go before I'll be finally done with my Oral Histology review and shit. And I'm getting so lazy. This coffee ain't doing any good.

You told me I drink too much coffee and I smoke too much. You told me I was a geek. And you told me I study a lot but I always complain about it. You're always telling me to go catch some sleep. And when I finally slept in your couch you wanted me awake. But you can do nothing, couldn't resist watching me sleep, could you? I miss studying in your studio as you work and I miss your unconventional ways of keeping me awake so I could finish studying everything. And we'd bet on how I will do on my test. And I'm getting annoyed with the way I sound now. Too geeky. And too clingy. But you're more clingy than me, yes?

Nancy is being killed repeatedly by her daddy. Too lazy to make a study playlist so this one's been on repeat for two or three hours now.

Breaks over. I'll go back to reading. I wonder how many lonely people are still awake, trying to figure out the next thing they must do in the morning. And imagining it while lying in bed. They will probably end up not doing it in the morning. And they'll imagine it at night again. #gpoy

I don't know what I'm saying any more and the things that I want to say. Maybe my mind's so tired already. I can really use a time off. Can't wait for this to be over. For now, good vibes.

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