Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing is more tempting than a thrift shop on sale. And it was so unfortunate because I don't have a lot of money with me I just came home from a vacation on the beach. But I went in either way. I just bought some pieces I can afford. On my way out of the door, a woman came to me.

W: Hi. Are you a blogger?
M: Ah, yes. But I don't do a fashion blog if that's what you mean.
W: It's just that I saw the things you picked and the ones you bought. They were wonderful. I wish I have noticed them. You really have good taste. So I thought you were a blogger.
M: Thanks. I just dress for myself. 

So that's how it went. It just feels good when strangers are kind. Not the usual bitchiness you get as if thrift shopping is a war over items or something. So I really had to write it here. And I texted P about it.

M: Hi babe, today someone came up to me and appreciated my taste in clothes and I helped her choose some  for herself.
P: It feels good helping out others. 
M: It feels good when strangers are kind. It makes you want to be even kinder to them.
P: And also because you have a positive energy now. That's why you attract people with the same positivity.
M: Really? You think I'm positive now? I deserve a kiss, Don't you think?

P.S. I noticed that in the way I write about P and our conversations, he somehow feels like a monotonous fictional character.

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