Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shaman Caravan

My trip to Boracay was not really a vacation. It was more of a friendly gesture. Well aside from being a friend I went as P's secretary-slash-governess-slash-woman-who-has-something-to-say. The trip was quite short but I really needed the break, though it wasn't really enough. We really need to plan another trip - a longer one and not business related or anything. And plus, there was a storm half the trip and P formatted the memory card of the camera accidentally before we have backed it up, soooo. Yeah, not that lucky. But it was good. It's the company, and the place, and the feeling that matters. 

Anyway, we visited Mari-it just along Station 2. It's the only place we fit in in there actually (well aside from the beach side bar where they sing 60's songs and the band singer looked like he lived in that era himself).

Artists from Mari-it make masks, intricate pipe and ethnic pendants, weaved stones, dreamcatchers (they even have a big dreamcatcher as a roof), canes, ornaments and sculptures made mostly from natural materials like wood, stones and bones. They make pipes made from buffalo horns, alligator teeth and amber stone pendants, monkey skulls as the center of dreamcatchers and shark jaws as a dreamcatcher themselves. Well you get the idea. 

Their creations give you an enchanted, sacred, shamanic feel. Being surrounded by them makes you feel like you have stepped into some place, so ancient, so sacred it's forbidden, but you can't help but admire the beauty and the craftsmanship and the visions that found physical forms. Plus the artists are really friendly and their ashtray was cool. It was an alligator mandible. It was really nice. I hope to visit them again soon (and purchase that buffalo horn pipe necklace).

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