Friday, March 1, 2013

El libro y el hermano

Three days ago, P's brother lent me his book  - Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. It's three times longer than the average novel. I haven't finished it yet. This is one of the times I wish I don't have anything to do but read. But you don't get everything you wish for.

Notes about P's brother:
  • We have the same birth date - twenty seventh of November. 
  • He went to seminary school. But he currently teaches History, if I remember correctly, in a high school.
  • He once came to class with a big carrier box. His students wondered what was in it. Inside was a piece of chalk. It's kind of stupid but he acted as if you see that kind of thing everyday.
  • I think if he was my teacher I would really like him.
  • He looks so much like his father.
  • We drank brandy and beer when we first met. He was with a friend. There were four of us including P.
  • His voice is raspy.
  • He once smoked Marlboro Blacks, but he switched to Green Lucky Strikes.
  • He's now down to four cigarettes a day.
  • He likes Murakami. And he writes as well. When he writes, he has this certain kind of dead pan humor.
  • He finished reading 1Q24 in three days. I couldn't top that in my state.


  1. he sounds like a lovely guy.

    i missed your wirting this week. apperantly i have a need to read your texts every day. they calm me, they kind of give me peace. i know this sounds weird. but it's ok. i just wanted to tell you that.

    1. He is. And he's such a good person. And what you said gave me a certain calmness and a sense of self worth as well. Thank you so much and I really do mean it.

  2. nice blog,beautiful pictures *-*

  3. I fear I have said this before but I really like your blog.