Saturday, February 2, 2013


Friday was of vintage shops and old cinema houses. P and I went looking for hand painted movie signage and posters and for the excellent hands who made them. The plan was to buy if they agree to sell some. It is a dying art. Well technology is a good thing but somehow they push such wonderful things to obsolescence. And it's sad. Somehow, these things fall and their creators fall with them. And they are forgotten.

It was a hot afternoon and the heavy traffic wasn't nice either. And in the middle of it all, with the red light screaming we had this Mike and Frank argument that wasn't really an argument. It's more of no one wants to be Frank conversation. You see, we were kind of excited we feel like I'm Mike and He's Frank, and we are The Pickers. Yes, I won and I got to be Mike and he was Frank - him, shaving didn't help at all.

Anyway, the sad thing was we didn't get to buy any signage, but we had the artists' contact information and that was a good progress, I guess. 

We went antique/vintage/Japanese surplus shop hopping. It was so good - the dust, the smell, and also the feeling to want to buy and own everything. But of course it's tricky. It's best and worst of things all in one heap of "garbage" you really need to be good at looking for good stuff. 

We found this vintage leather luggage trunk (that looks like a cross between this and this), I wanted to buy it, but it wasn't in good condition. If only you know how much I was disappointed. And there was also this red leather suitcase, but nah, same thing as the trunk. We're The Pickers, we're not the Kings Of Restoration. (I'm really making so much History Channel reference here, aren't I?)

So we spent a bunch on vinyls. We had to go through four boxes in one store and two boxes in another. There was so much Christian music. Looking for a good vinyl in a box full of it is quite great. We found Peter, Paul and Mary, Cat Stevens, Dolly Parton, West Side Story OST, Ray Charles, A couple of Mozarts and quite a few more. And as we walked out, we were such a happy couple.

I look forward to next Tuesday. We're gonna meet the artist who still paints movie posters for that old cinema. I hope we'll really do. And yeah, I forgot. We went to a warehouse full of both vintage and not so vintage bikes. There were mountains of it. The sight it selfwas so amazing or probably just plain trash for some people. we went looking for a vintage bike that's why we wounded up there and we thought we were lucky and turns out we weren't because some richass man already bought everything. I bet he'll have the bikes restored and he's gonna sell it for a far more expensive price. God, sometimes I really hate rich people.

So we ended the day with having coffee, reading books, sitting on cozy lounge chairs in some unknown coffee shop. It was tiring. But great. 

Here is what I wore last Friday. I especially love my bright yellow green skirt. Everything is thrifted, the skirt, the sweater and the vintage oxfords. My cat-eye glasses is from a vintage shop. Book was lent to me by P. Bet your dinner out is more expensive than this. (Well except for the book and glasses.) 


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