Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Meow," said the bunny.

  • Sue had her usual green tea and I had my usual nicotine.
  • Studying was a pain specially when you are subjected to the temptation of a good company.
  • Time apart is voided by even the shortest possible time of being together in flesh.
  • This Iranian girl with heavy eyeliner sat by the table left to us, her arm tattoo made me remember how I badly wanted to get a new one and how I tried not to think about it.
  • People everywhere look alike, with their brown hair and made up faces, and the way they dress -  brainwashed by mass production.
  • I am happy with my idiosyncratic lifestyle. Never will I subject myself to normalcy. With a few exemptions like wagers or pranks and things like that.
  • My aunt thinks I'm crazy.
  • I am not happy with my life. But I am happier now.
  • The most difficult thing to look for, except Waldo, is your purpose. Now that's some serious shit.
  • There's this girl on the table next to ours, she always rolls her eyes as if to comment on our conversation. I hope she got dizzy.
  • Strawberry smoothies are great.
  • I don't mind if I'm crazy.


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