Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Like otters in leather.

P and I decided to take Cherrypopper, his new baby - a vintage Honda C70, for a ride. It has been a while  since we went out together alone. We've had busy lives. And in the times we could be together, we're usually with friends. And it's not a complain. It's a good thing actually. But sometimes you just need the privacy.

It was around four thirty in the morning when we left. And we never really planned where we were going, just heading south. We were still on the road when the sun rose and it really felt good to be up early in the morning not because you're expected to. We took a stop for a hot chocolate and free muffins at Tagaytay. It was around sixty five kilometers away. And Snake Eyes isn't really a fast bike. We've been going between forty to sixty kilometers an hour. It has been two hours approximately (and I think I sound like I'm reading a captain's log).

We pushed through to go down the mountains and ride to Batangas. It was another forty kilometers and it took us about an hour and a half. We went to the beach (although we were not really dressed for it) and it was so good, not that many people and just the right heat. Reading a book with a good beer and a good conversation and a good company, while listening to the waves crash to the shore, the winds blow, and insects make a harmony from their sounds after a dip in the sea is one of the best things you can get and that's just what we need and what we got.

Although what I loved most is floating in the sea with you, half asleep, holding hands careful not to be drifted away by the waves. 

Daydream - Wallace Collection

P.S. blame the poor image quality to my phone cam.

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