Monday, November 11, 2013


Months ago I made a commissioned sculpture for an accessories brand, which I cannot name. Clue: they involve bones but they're not Lucky Monkey. Another clue: They just cast bones, they don't sculpt most of them.


  1. I had a meeting with G#1 and well, we settled it, agreed on the price and G#1 told me to expect the payment the day after. Of course I handed the sculpture because I was confident we had a deal.
  2. Then came a text message from G#2, G#1 and G#2 are the owners of the accessories brand, saying if we could change the deal, like give my sculpture for a lower price. Of course I didn't. I could have said yes but as a professional person, I won't change what has been agreed. I mean it's their fault. If they decided that only one of them is gonna meet with me, then they could have briefed each other about the parameters of the deal and how much they're gonna commit to it before talking to me.
  3. I was the kind hearted sculptor, who agreed to let them pay in two parts. Mostly because they're such a pain in the ass for whining's sake.
  4. If I hadn't checked up on them and reminded them about the pay, they wouldn't pay me. I mean where's the professionalism. They're all down to the negative values.
  5. Last night I reminded them again about the second half of the payment and I want it to be settled before the year ends. Well that's just for order's sake. I don't have to be unfinished something when January starts again. And then I got this overly attitude embellished reply which aims subtle insults at me. Well that was okay. I expected that. G#2 is kind of an arse.
  6. G#2 asked for a meeting and then about revisions and I told him I don't make revisions until it's fully paid and it was agreed from the start with G#1 and I'm so busy I can't meet him at the moment, I'll be only free on December.
  7. Then G#2 said he asked G#1 and he said we didn't agree on anything. So to make it short, G#1 denies everything and I know G#2 knows it as well but of course they're arses so they're making me the liar.
  8. Came insults, insults, insults. Like they're saying I'm desperate for the money or something. Look here you homos, I am following up on a business deal you are kind of running away from. I badly want to quote G#2 when he told me he was "professional." Oh yeah? Really, he is sooo professional. 
  9. So now I decided I'll take back my sculpture and give them back the half pay. I can't stand working with them. And my sculpture is not worth of those people. 

I also know someone who worked with them and hasn't been paid yet. Damn. They thought they could use me to their advantage because I'm young and I'm not yet an established artist. But Karma's a bitch, you know, and so am I. 

End Rant.

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