Monday, November 4, 2013

I make altars, I make sex

I think the common factor is humanity. I maybe criticized if my sculptures contradict, but from the start I just wanted to make something beautiful that doesn't necessarily have to mean or say or promote anything. I want to make art that is beautiful even to the most ignorant to the field. I want to make art that's good to look at and that doesn't demand any deep half-hearted contemplating or thorough reasoning, but just the littlest of appreciation.

Anyway. I just needed to say that because it bothers me a bit and I need to sleep and it was all so sudden and totally unrelated to what comes next.

Night of the twenty third, I went out with the usual people, Sue, V and P, plus these kids we took along to teach them that they can enjoy Saturday nights without the sweat vapors of crowded clubs, which is nothing compared to live jazz and upbeat soul, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, dancing, good beer and the secret happening inside locked doors after the clock strikes twelve for the alcohol ban.

P.S. No alcohol were consumed by the sixteen year olds, their parents might kill us, even though I was the cool not so adult who's so willing to give away booze.

P.P.S. Thanks V for the photos, I stole it from you and you don't have a single clue.

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