Thursday, April 28, 2016

To quote Metallica, 'Enter Night, Exit Light'

Stagnancy can't be always felt due to consecutive days of doing nothing at all; it is also doing the same thing over and over. I had a routine overload. After weeks of staying in and working on this life-size sculpture, I find it really hard to adjust to the outside. It's a bother really, I felt a craving for people, but at the same time I couldn't handle being around them more. I fix myself up to go out and I feel good but when I'm finally out, I can't wait to get away from everything and go back to my tower. But I couldn't work well anymore. I ruin what I do, so I just repair and repair and repair, and in the end, there's no progress; my sculpture is just in the same state it was in before. I felt so fatigued and I started to work slower than usual. Plus I really can't sleep.

For a week, I stopped working, I felt like I needed a break and rediscover the attitude I had when I started my sculpture. But I felt so unfulfilled not working. I'm really a pain in the ass.

But fortunately, last night I started working again and I think I'm almost there - the pace I once lost. I think all will be well from now on. I found writing before working really helpful. It stimulates and clears my head. Maybe in five more nights, my sculpture will be ready for casting.

P.S. Tip: Postpone emotions as long as possible. They get in the way of the working process. That's where writing comes in. Writing before working expends the emotions that will possibly hinder you from working on the manual labor part of the creative process.


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